Business lunch

Modern people’s lives are busy so filled with large and small events that sit quietly and think about what beneficial and nutritious snack, do not have time. For all who have time trouble arises, the motel restaurant “Druzhba” offers a 12 to 16 hour business lunch. Our main advantage – quick, hearty, tasty and loyal price!

From Monday to Friday you will find a premeditated and prepared a business lunch menu, or any dish from the restaurant range from 15% discount. The specified time from 12 days to 16 hours of recorded specifically for what would be the potential to mobilize personnel on fast and quality service busy people. For us, the best indicator if visitors quickly dine in a working afternoon, happy back at the weekend or in the evening, order events.

Prospekt Gagarina 185 – is 7 kilometers along the forward direction of the center, one of the main thoroughfares of Kharkov. It is worth mentioning that the road on the avenue Gagarin scale renovated, so get comfortable not cause labor. About the restaurant thought convenient free parking. Please come to us for a business lunch!


What is a business lunch in the "Druzhba" restaurant?

Classical name – set lunch. A full dinner takes place after 15 hours of the day. While many breaks from 12 to 14 hours. Lunch (English Lunch.) – A meal at noon. Combined term taken over from the European culture – business lunch.

Business Lunch at the restaurant “Druzhba” – a complex food at a reasonable price, not cheap food and drinks. Appearance, serving, service, show respect for his own person. Lower cost of business lunch proved short duration of service, regularity of orders, at a premium restaurant. But not like any fresh food or the quantity.

Business lunch menu includes:

  • first course,
  • salad,
  • meat or fish with vegetables,
  • drink.

General traditional notions (eg ‘first course’) consist of a variety of delicious dishes.