Video Gallery

Amateur or professional holiday or shooting events in the most realistic way shows the participants, emotions, atmosphere, decor, interior and exterior. photos advantage cursory view and unique moments. Video advantage of a long and consistent demonstration events.



Of course, the most complete work of operators in several chambers, with directing and editing. Starting with the welcome and farewell ending. Custom event lasts 2–12 hours, it is exciting to view the 1–2 hours required literate video operators. Businesses themselves will come up and prompt many interesting parts of the script. Adds insert, popular heroes, some relevant comments, special effects, music. But shooting in home video format with a single camera is quite interesting and lively. The most modest amateur effort. How much to spend on a video to the customer to decide, but if arranged expensive holiday, it is inappropriate to save on high-quality video.

Among the subjects there are corporate events, weddings, birthdays and videos representing our hotel “Druzhba”. After reviewing the material, you will appreciate the interior decoration art, the ability of personnel in the organization, service maintenance and decoration of dishes. Joy, enthusiasm, passion poignancy and significance of many stages and transitions in life – a real movie about real people, the interesting fates of you dear customers the hotel-restaurant complex “Druzhba”!