Buffet in the "Druzhba"

Proper organization of the buffet – a good holiday or event. This feast waiters provided 1 of 20 guests. A small number of staff and the lack of a large number of furniture for the guests as much as possible the situation and liberate free space for a pleasant and easy dialogue.

Restaurant “Druzhba” organizes corporate, holiday, wedding, Christmas, anniversary and other receptions at the highest level, and for a reasonable price. Two decorated banquet halls create the perfect mood present. The total capacity of up to 500 people. If you want to order in nature or in any place, then we will bring and will arrange everything you need. For business meetings relevant “Cocktail-companions”. Outbound service restaurant – one of the most frequently ordered services. Exhibitions, presentations, negotiations. Professional and original organization of the event gives 70% success rate.

Three reasons why you should order a cocktail: 1) if the time is limited; 2) the purpose of receiving the communication, not a feast; 3) the conditions do not allow the placement of tables and chairs.


Specificity buffet device

  • Proper placement of the tables, which opens access to all comers.
  • Quick replacement of empty dishes and maintaining the table in perfect condition. Possible arrangement of meals only at the lunch counter, and dressing the room.
  • Stylistic design of the table, the selection of the appropriate menu event. Effectively serving can create professional restaurant business – the staff of the restaurant “Druzhba”.
  • Rules for buffet serving dishes depending on how quickly loses its aesthetic form of food. For example, fruits and vegetables are exposed to the event, and a snack with butter, mayonnaise served during.


Features menu for the buffet

We offer Russian and European cuisine, as well as different options for appetizers, cold dishes and desserts on request. Individually designed menu is for both small and bulk receptions. Great taste and festive decoration of each dish – is that hard to create an atmosphere in vain without the help of professional organizers. And this is what will provide the prestige and status of your event. According to the rules buffet table snacks that are only used a fork. Spoons and knives in this form are not available. The choice of alcohol is discussed with the customer, but we should mention that the spirits of this table are not taken.