The cost of accommodation per day

Single occupancy530 UAH.
Double occupancy670 UAH.
Triple occupancy900 UAH.
Extra bed220 UAH.


Room description

  • Теле­ви­зор
  • Breakfast
  • Balcony
  • Wi-Fi
  • Disposable towels
  • Shampoo
  • Soap


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The main characteristic of this dwelling in accuracy and convenience no frills. Many newcomers only need lodging; more comfort, prestige and status is not relevant. The minimum price for a nice room in a three-star hotel – what makes Budget a proposal popular motel “Druzhba”. Travel, travelers, fans of football and other visitors often prefer this category because of the absence of unnecessary overpayments.


Why book Economy category at the hotel "Druzhba"?

  • In each room there is a cosmetic repair. This double accommodations provided beds, clean linen, tables, lamps and other necessary attributes of inexpensive dwelling.
  • Economy rooms have the opportunity to book a twin or single types.
  • The motel “Druzhba” is equipped with its own boiler and boiler therefore the hot water is present year-round. Heat is provided as colds.
  • Access to free internet available almost across the entire property.
  • The hotel is situated in 20 minutes. from Kharkov city center, in a clean and quiet environment, with access to a small lake. After a busy day you will relax in such an environment.

Comfortable furniture, sleek design, clean bathrooms, unobtrusive service, ATM, parking, easy access to transport – you are looking for it? Treat any convenient way.