To leave the country, to the south of Ukraine or in other travel and not have to worry about at this inn, many people dream of. For those who realized his dream and became a sleeper offer services of hotel and restaurant complex “Druzhba”. In our territory are accepted year-round camper, campers, caravans, roteli and other modes of transport with trailers intended for tourism. Parking can accommodate up to 50 units at a time of such caravans.
Caravanning (automobile tourism in vans) is popular in Europe and the US, in countries where developed camping (summer camps). Of course, a wide network of overseas trailering, allows even with a minimum budget to get the normal conditions. Ukraine has not developed infrastructure trailering, all compatriots and residents of the CIS countries are beginning to enter into the taste of the mobile method of travel. Carpathians, the South of Ukraine, reserves and protected areas, it is tempting for active and progressive people. The complex “Friendship” one of the few companies to create the conditions for the sleeper.


For travelers on campers, motorhomes and other rotelyah, "Druzhba" offers:

  • Hotel rooms with different price ranges. Accommodation with pets.
  • Restaurant services, summer playground.
  • Free Wi-Fi and TV.
  • Shower and WC, a year-round supply of hot water.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning.
  • Guarded parking. Parking.
  • Power supply.
  • Lake, a boat dock, a place for launching swimming facilities.
  • Car wash.
  • Service, tire service, welding. For your camper will be made any repairs.
  • translation and trips arranged.

We will provide all the necessary conditions for individualists, as well for families and noisy companies. Hotel “Druzhba” is located on one of the main thoroughfares of Kharkov, leading to the departure of the city to the south. Our advantage – a good track for entry and exit, easy access (15–20 min.) To the town center, 3 km airport, 10 km train station, the stadium “Metalist” – 5 km.

Kravaning – freedom of travel, the route you choose for yourself, time, company. This individualism, rather than the standard program of Turkish and Egyptian resorts. This is the beauty of Ukraine and neighboring countries.