Especially for truck drivers, as well as agricultural machinery, offer produce tire and wheel balancing. If you buy quality tires from leading European brands, the reduction in the working condition of the wheels are free of charge. Every experienced driver has experienced the work of amateurs in the tire fitting work: machine shakes very hard to align. Vibrations are fraught with accidents and rapid deterioration of all the details, not to mention the suspension and the tires themselves, which at the moment have a substantial price.


The service center of trucks, in the territory of  "Druzhba", offers:

  • By using modern equipment and qualified professionals working tire balancing and wheel. We provide services for tires 14 “-26” in diameter.
  • Materials and equipment world leader REMA TIP-TOP is carried out repairs of agricultural and truck tires.
  • Produced slicing tires that maximize the life and, therefore, saves your money.

What would the wheels were long behind them need care, which consists in changing the tire winter-summer. The service center of trucks provides services to all who live in the hotel “Druzhba”. Life goes professional drivers on the road, so we offer the best solution – as long as you have a rest and gain strength, the service center will perform maintenance on your vehicle. After the additional services the machine will travel safely as possible.


The main reason that tires should be changed

Winter tires have more reliable adhesion to the road surface, deformed slippery ice and snow drifts. Vulcanized rubber changes from temperature effects. The winter tire is characterized by lower contact area of ​​special elastic material to the road base. Summer version of the cold gets tough, the interaction area is increased, the clutch is reduced. The result in the case of a late replacement abysmal: in the best case, fatigue and nervous tension of the driver, in the worst – drifts provoke an accident.

For any question about tire service, you will receive an answer by phone +38(0572) 52–10-64 and 50–79-23.