Coffee break

Such arrange break during conferences, business meetings and trainings. Standard coffee break lasts 10–40 minutes. The main purpose – holidays, switching attention to the easy communication for coffee and tea, light meal. The staff of hotel and restaurant complex “Friendship” can cater for up to 500 guests at a light table and drinks. Those who are faced with the organization of mass events, well aware that should be trusted only to professionals of the restaurant business.


Instructions for organizing coffee break:

  • Equipment and tables.
  • Utensils and serving.
  • What is offered from beverages (juice, soda, tea, green and black, instant coffee and cream). Of course, sugar is present. In some embodiments, the alcohol is stipulated.
  • From appetizers usually fresh pastries, toast, sandwiches, canapés, toast. Fruits, candies and cakes.

The main advantages of the coffee break for speakers – a minimum rest time and a small amount of food, giving an opportunity to rethink and strengthen better perception of the theme. Long and nutritious diet violates the working atmosphere, makes people lazy, dulls the analytical ability. In addition, it is always a way to get more liberated communication. The advantage for the organizers is minimally involved the space and utensils for a large number of people. During coffee breaks, as well as in the Coffee Break option, do not need chairs and seats. Guests talking, moving around the room.

At first glance this may seem like a cheap break. But it all depends on the variety. Sometimes a light table more high-grade business lunch.

The hotel-restaurant complex “Druzhba” are professional organizers and the organizers of the numerous coffee breaks. Your business contact and discuss the main issues, the rest we will perform at the highest level.