Shuttle Service

Every decent hotel anywhere in the world provided shuttle service. Hotel “Druzhba” service also offers a high level of service. Our staff at car will meet you at the airport or railway station, the most comfortable and quick dovezut to the hotel. Almost all of the people arriving in a new place lost in the routes of public transport and fast search of a taxi. If to be a business trip or purposefully, such a waste of time is not permitted. What to say about the foreigners who do not speak Russian or Ukrainian language. With the transfer service opportunity lost reduced to zero.


Transfer conditions provided "Druzhba":

  • New car Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life.
  • Saloon car is equipped with climate control system and GPS navigation system.
  • The vehicle carried a timely change of tires (summer and winter version).
  • Seats – 7 people. For transportation of children settling child seat.
  • A professional driver engaged in the transportation and for the shortest appropriate roads Kharkov.
  • Punctuality and discreet hotel staff are guaranteed.
  • The car is equipped with airbags.
  • The driver assists in the tray and loading luggage.

Transfer order is made in advance, the last time – 3 hours before the encounter.. On weekdays (Monday-Friday), the call is made from 9 h. To 18 h. And on the phone 0572–50-79–60 057–775-10–70. At other times 0572–50-79–16 and 0572–52-20–91.

Services listDay price (UAH).Night price (UAH).
Shuttle 6 people150,00220,00
Shuttle Service from 7 to 10 people280,00350,00
Minimum order of 5 km.150,00220,00
More than 5 km. each subsequent10,0010,00
  • Daily shuttle service is available from 08.00 to 22.00.
  • Night shuttle service is available from 22.00 to 08.00.
  • Transfer Order is made not less than three (3) hours, and the refusal to transfer at least 1 hour before the trip by phone: 057–775- 10–70, 050–300- 23–96 (from 9:00 am to 18:00 from Monday to Friday)..; by phone: 0572–52- 20–91 (at other times).
  • Payment transfer is made by:
    – transfer of funds to the account of the hotel;
    – paying cash to the cashier of the hotel;
    – payment of international plastic cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS).
  • The public holidays to the trip cost is added to 30%.
  • Simple vehicle over 10 min. payable at the rate of 5.00 UAH. / min.
  • The cost of the service includes a meeting, maintenance and transportation of guests.
  • In winter, the vehicles are operated with studded winter tires.
  • Cars equipped with air conditioning and airbags.
  • At the customer’s request is available baby sitting.