Additional services

Modern hotel in addition to the basic services and provides additional. The goal, which is to build the most comfortable guest Kharkov. The rhythm of life of people who have a need or an opportunity to travel, stands workload and time pressure. Every minute in a strange metropolis has a cost in terms of money. Understanding and respecting the interests of visitors of hotel and restaurant complex “Druzhba” offers amenities that hotels can afford higher class.



The list of additional services:

  • Auto Service, which includes freight and transportation tire. If you come by car, all with regard to tire quickly and easily repaired in our complex. The majority of our customers are business people who have the purpose of the visit – the purchase or sale of materials, equipment, goods and products. The company “Hope”, located on Prospect Gagarina 185, to make the necessary transportation.
  • Parking. For all owners of vehicles offer parking for 100 cars.
  • Transfer to significantly simplify and speed up your movement.
  • Campers.

Such autoservices priority due to the fact that the hotel is located on one of the main thoroughfares of the city. For many drivers our complex – ideal lodging, parking, rest.

On the list of additional services listed are not limited. The restaurant “Friendship” will always gracious hospitality. Help in the organization of congress tourism and banquets, shows and festivals. Boat dock, and a launching means. Service stations and welding. Laundry.


The number of free services include:

Wi-Fi internet and TV. Porter service. Call an ambulance. Maid service. A call to the number to wake a guest at the appointed time. Information on attractions and public transport.

Complete set of services called the hotel service. “Druzhba” – a decent place to rest and stay.