If you want a tasty meal alone or in the company, order a banquet or to organize a business meeting, the optimal menu at affordable prices you will offer the restaurant “Druzhba”. Every institution has its own “flavor”, we stand out perfectly chosen menu for both business and private meetings. Delicious dishes of Slavic and European cuisine will surprise you with an excellent taste and beautiful design.

Menu – the only document of the total number of securities, which is really of interest to visitors. In our institution assortment presented in several languages. Meeting the guests from the airport, train station or a foreigner, you can not worry about the simple explanations. We will offer a clear alternative.



What is a "menu"?

French le menu represents a list of dishes and drinks. In addition to the items specified weight of the finished food (in grams) and the price. Two (or more) of the fraction by means of two (or more) food item (eg, chops and garnish). Opening the menu in many institutions, each person puzzled number of sheets and assortment. This is only apparent complexity, all the menus are built on the same pattern:

  • specialties are presented in the beginning;
  • cold snacks satisfy hunger;
  • salads;
  • hot appetizers;
  • first courses and second hot meals (basic), side dishes;
  • drinks (refreshing and hot);
  • Dessert;
  • of wines and spirits offered a separate category.

Perhaps the division into thematic categories: dessert or beverage menu, beer menu, or snack bars.


The waiters and the manager are guided by your interests

For custom-made individual action designed individual components. For example: a banquet or wedding menu, table or coffee breaks, child or grill, business menu. To discuss specific options should contact the administrator to explain the problem and the expected result. Now relevant vegetarian and meatless dishes, a special interest is the fish range, grill and barbecue. Lacquer and savory chefs will cook for you.

If you do not want to get a grasp, the waiters will offer the best and popular options, or help you make a choice according to your taste.

Personal site – a requirement for today’s decent restaurant. This page is today’s menu of “Druzhba”.