Schemes of arrangement of furniture to business events and trainings

Hotel Complex "Druzhba" - is an ideal partner in the field of conference services and tourism. Implementation of modern events is not only the efficiency, but also the company's image. We have presented a wide range of services, designed to ensure maximum comfort and ensure a productive activity.

When renting a conference hall should proceed from the subject and scope of the event. The number of participants of 100 people require a comfortable audience. Our large hall can accommodate up to 350 people, with a well-placed rows of seats on an inclined. Of course, in this room to change the arrangement of furniture is irrational. Small meeting room accommodates up to 50 people.
In the halls of the restaurant is convenient for presentations, promotions, forums, workshops and other activities that require not only hearing but also participation.


Methods of arrangement of tables:

  • Seating "class" is ideal in cases where it is necessary to record and flipping the paper. It provides a good overview of the acting person, boards or posters.

  • Seating "theater" or "Amphitheatre" involves listening to, but not recording the participants. It is possible to seat a large number of participants.

  • Seating "horseshoe" is useful when a few people, or important contact between the master and members. Equal status of each person provides a binding activity of all who came.

  • Placement "table" round or square is more convenient for unfamiliar people, because they do not flaunt the whole figure, and makes it possible to hide tension. At the same time it has to communicate and make the most impact on achieving consensus. Arrangement "conference" in the form of a rectangle accommodates two identical team members and heads. Convenient and comfortable for the agreement and remove differences.

  • The alignment of the "T-shaped" allows you to divide those present into three or two groups. One right is defined as more authoritative. It is convenient in the case where a call is given a specific strategy.

  • Accommodation "U-shaped" convenient for seminars and providing contact between the master and members.

  • Seating "Cabaret" suggests a relaxed atmosphere conducive to viewing, listening, use of light snacks and drinks.

There are many types of layouts that are restaurants, and more suitable for a comfortable stay at banquets for ingestion. Such arrangement is not able to focus the audience on the subject of events.


Advantages of renting the conference room in the "Druzhba":

  • The convenient location of the complex - one of the main modern renovated city highway (Gagarin Avenue). Easy access to the center, train stations and airports. At the same time the hotel is situated in a quiet location, next to the picturesque lake.
  • Possibility of supply, transfer and hotel accommodation.
  • Choosing a conference room according to category and number.