Cargo Transportetion

Not every hotel, four and five star hotel can offer services to transport companies. Hotel Complex “Druzhba” encourages visitors and guests to use the transport services of the company “Hope”.

The representatives of various types of tourism it is necessary to periodically send something. In particular this applies to business travel, including travel. Raw materials, materials, products, equipment, machinery, – what is the reason for cooperation. there is a need to transport sports equipment for leisure (bikes, boats, motorcycles and ski equipment). For shop-tourists urgent transportation of things, both in small and large quantities.


Transport company "Hope", which has partnered with the hotel "Druzhba" offers the following services:

  • Transportation of goods through the territory of Kharkov, Ukraine, CIS. Chance of a round trip, and the following climb. Additional service for those wishing to – follow-sent wealth along the way.
  • Manager who are professionals in their field, will be happy to help, even if all the machine fleet busy or requires a special transport.
  • Individual methods of cargo insurance.
  • Documents Delivery is performed by courier.
  • Drivers and machines working around the clock on weekends and holidays; Office hours 8–22.
  • Security moved values.
  • Consultation on transportation issues move wealth.

The advantage of the company is the fact that in the State of qualified specialists who will quickly and correctly process orders. Meeting deadlines – a crucial moment of any traffic. Every entrepreneur or business manager calculates your location within a defined time frame. The company respects the time customers and recipients. In the price represented loyal prices and flexible payment system. We offer clearing and VAT certificate, which is necessary for representatives of legal entities. In the car park there is a large number of vehicles carrying capacity from 8 to 22 tons, a volume of 30–100 cubic meters. m. The transport company has been working according to the law, and is legally responsible for the commitments made to the customer.

For any questions about the shipping, you will receive an answer by phone listed on the contact page.