Room service

Hospitality aims to organize accommodation, food and way of life of people visiting. International term room service indicates that the guest can use the hotel’s range of services, without leaving the room. In most cases the order is carried out by telephone, the customer less personal approach to the reception (the administrator).

This is optional lunch or dinner, it is likely that you invite friends, business partners, or anyone else. Main dishes from the hotel restaurant menu you can order to create the most comfortable communication. Provide the necessary number of chairs is also included in the service. There are suggestions such as flowers in your room or delivery of fresh media.

The hotel-restaurant complex “Friendship”, you can order dishes from the restaurant menu in the room, as well as soft and alcoholic drinks.


Features room service

Usually only in the hotels of 4 and 5-star and the service around the clock. The smaller star category establishment implies that services in the afternoon and evening. Motel “Druzhba” has three stars, but the service is provided round the clock room service. At present, this service is very popular in hotels all over the world. Payment for services is due at time of delivery, in rare cases you can pay at the time of payment for accommodation.


Delivery times In-Room Dining:

  • breakfast 20 min .;
  • lunch 20 min .;
  • dinner 30 min.

If you ordered a dish that requires a longer cooking time, it warns the customer. The room service menu offers dishes that are prepared according to the tastes of the average consumer. Hotel menu is a smaller part from the menu of the restaurant “Druzhba”.


Additional service

In addition to the delivery of food in the hotel rooms we execute delivery to offices, apartments and houses. Advantages of such orders is that it is freshly prepared food without flavor enhancers and dyes. On kun restaurant uses purified water. Packaging is carried out in a special lunchbox that maintain temperature and appetizing dishes.