Auto Service

Some additional services are designed for owners and drivers of motor transport workers. Convenient location “Druzhba” is attractive not only for the complex of basic services (hotel and restaurant), but also by the comfort and protection repair transport. In using the term “auto repair”, we do not offer a standard set of service stations, and services related to the issues of transportation and movement necessary for the representatives of different kinds of tourism.



Gagarin Avenue – the main highway movement of Russia to the south of Ukraine. Half of the spring and autumn and the summer, there is a mass movement in the direction of the Crimea, Azov and the Black Sea, and therefore in the opposite direction. Roads of Ukraine do not have the best performance. Settled in our hotel, you can directly on the site, or close, to solve the problems.

If there are any serious complications with the machine, there is an alternative – the transport company “Hope”, which is on time and safely deliver the necessary goods.

The same applies to persons not related to the road, but with the need to facilitate voyazhirovanie, tours, pilgrimage – to send a heavy load, intended for personal or commercial purposes. Heavy bags, boxes hinder any activity. Taking advantage of our additional services, you will significantly lighten your life. Business and cultural tourism is at its peak of popularity! Comfortable operation thanks to the service of the hotel “Druzhba” – the key to prosperity and good mood traveler.