Rooms «Druzhba»

Despite the three-star motel offers a good level of amenities, excellent service and comfort. Expensive (the American term for a 3-star hotel) - a class designed for cheaper pricing for rooms than the 4 and 5 star hotels. But much higher quality and better service and amenities than in the 1 and 2-star motels.

It offers 100 rooms designed for different budget and purpose of the visit. Tourists, business people, guests, invited to important events and other interested persons will find our motel comfortable accommodation.

Rooms «Economy», «Standard», «Junior», «Lux» class - at the same time can accommodate 200 people. Motel The team performs all necessary, within its competence, which would stay the atmosphere left the best impression, and a desire to return many times.

Each hotel has its own internal regulations. The motel «Druzhba» estimated time is set at 12 noon. According to the rules approved by the legislation, the guest can not be used to settle in the room, and go after the prescribed time. If a guest has stayed in the institution less than a day, it is charged with the cost for a full day.

Two bedroom suite
from 1340 UAH
Junior Suite
2 berths
from 900 UAH
2 berths
from 700 UAH
2 berths
from 530 UAH

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«Druzhba» offers a modern approach to comfort:

  • Free Wi-Fi internet for owners of phones, laptops, tablets, and other equipment.
  • Cable and satellite TV, telephone with intercity and international communication.
  • Fax and e-mail messages to our guests are received in the booking department by fax: 775 10 70 (code of Kharkiv - 057) or e-mail:
  • The hotel warm in cold seasons and there is hot water all year round. The motel is equipped own expensive boilers and boilers of the German company «VIESSMANN».
  • Rooms «Junior» and «luxury» are provided with air conditioning and ventilation.
  • Observed hygienic and technical comfort.
  • We provide comfortable beds, plush towels, soft slippers and other such important details.
  • Rooms are decorated in pastel colors, a relaxed and creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • A large number of the rooms have wonderful views of the picturesque lake. The unique location of the hotel is a combination of: close Kharkov city center, one of the main thoroughfares, but in a quiet place. The motel is in the best possible clean place for the city.
  • Allowed accommodation with pets, subject to the availability of the relevant documents.


It is interesting to know:

Non-expensive luxury hotels meant a nice view. The international standards of hotel business secrete a special notation: SV (sea view) - a room with a sea view, mountain view - view of the mountains; inside view - a view of the courtyard and the like.

In our version - lake view (a view of the lake) and the surrounding area. However, great for reasonable prices? You will enjoy the climate of our hotel! Visiting Kharkiv next time you'll know where to stay.