Meals for participants

The success of the conferences, trainings, seminars, congresses and other public meetings depends on the timely planning and phased implementation. In many cases, the event took a few days. Meals participants as it would not sound trite, – one of the main points, which gives strength and desire to achieve the final result.



Restaurant and hotel complex "Druzhba" offers the following types of traditional catering events:

  • Coffee break (up to 500 people). Advance beautiful are served buffet or buffet tables (pastries, sandwiches, cakes, sweets). Prepared tea, coffee, sugar. Duration 10 min. to 40 min. Each participant can talk, walk around the room with a meal, to leave at any moment.
  • Reception (to 500 people) – a more satisfying and long-lasting form of coffee breaks. As such, the supply may be some hot dishes and a large assortment of snacks. The basic rule – serves, which are used with the help of a fork, and hands. Admitted imperfect spirits.
  • Business lunch (up to 200 people). This is a complete set lunch for tables served from 12 to 16 h., From Monday to Friday. Category business lunch stands out the price advantage.

At the end of the event in our restaurant, you can order a banquet.

Also catering services from the category of conference services may be visiting, and ordered the territory of exhibitions, presentations, rooms, other remote areas. Your task is to outline the expected impact of the event, our – to organize and carry out professional nutrition software.

Restaurant and hotel complex “Druzhba” – a successful combination of modern cities and beautiful nature. We offer rooms equipped to accommodate guests, food, conduct educational and entertainment activities. Seven kilometers from Kharkov city center, close to the airport and train stations on one of the main thoroughfares of the city modernized. With that, in a quiet environment, with access to the scenic lake.