The painting on the lake. Visiting wedding ceremony

Hotel and restaurant complex with access to the lake directly in Kharkov! It is the perfect solution for romantic wedding ceremonies. Visiting ceremony – a new trend in Ukraine, came to the US and European culture. In general, many have the idea of ​​a beautiful celebration for foreign films. This unconventional approach seems to be very costly. We offer a modern solution of marriage with a convenient location close to the city center, it is adequate for the amount. Territorial advantage gives big savings in transport and organizational costs. Each wedding ceremony on the lake is unique and unique.

Marriage registration “Druzhba” restaurant take place not only at home, but anywhere in Kharkov – where you wish. Theaters, parks, forest, river, offices and other variations. The team of our complex will fulfill all efforts in the organization of celebrations at an affordable price. Despite the apparent lightness and ease of preparation process is quite saturated. All stages are considered and planned in advance. During travel outside of the restaurant is the most popular form of the device – a buffet. It is also easy and professionally perform the banquet.


Advantages of the wedding ceremony on the lake

  • A white wedding arch, a grand path, decorated tables, flower arrangements, the orchestra. Baskets with petals, balloons, doves, confetti. All this can be at your wedding or the wedding of your children.
  • Easy and pleasant atmosphere create a painting great start to married life. Such a method removes the need of rigid regulations specified time to the registrar.
  • The absence of expensive transportation offers buses and luxury cars newlyweds.
  • Two halls of the restaurant can take from 2 to 300 guests, a wedding reception up to 500 people. Nature, lake, terrace, restaurant, instead of having to have the number of invitees. In addition, hotel facilities, in order to identify guests at your disposal.
  • A wide range of stylistic solutions celebrations. Starting from the thematic scenes ending with costumed holiday. Staff at GRK help in the organization of the show program, decoration, musical design, selection of leading and other things. We have extensive experience in organizing celebrations.
  • Particular attention is paid to the wedding menu. More developed chef dishes thematic celebrations. Be sure to present a festive table setting and decoration of dishes. We will prepare for you the freshest and most delicious dishes as well as a suitable beverage card.

Wedding gift for those who have ordered services “Druzhba” – the hotel’s best room newlyweds on their wedding night.