Summer terrace by the lake

Where real connoisseurs of the atmosphere during the meal you can enjoy the beautiful scenery? Only restaurants with access to the lake. In Kharkov, few institutions able to provide private access to the pond. A small lake is a jewel of a hotel-restaurant complex “Druzhba”. Summer verandah or platform is ideal for celebrations, banquets, weddings, festivals and shows. In addition, the business conference will bring much more benefit if the situation will be as close as possible to the natural environment.

Enjoying delicious and fresh cuisine with music and contemplating the water surface – what could be better at lunchtime or evening? The restaurant is located 7 km from the center of a straight line, on the avenue Gagarin 185. Wide modern road will quickly and easily get to our establishment. Own parking and qualified staff will welcome you as a dear and welcome guest. Eating – a holiday for the brain and physical activity. Best relaxation occurs during a complete change of scenery.

Summer ground running during the warmer months, at a time when you want to enjoy the fresh air and the moisture in the hot days. Bad weather also has its romance, to the same roof will save from the rain and wind gusts.


The main criteria that must comply with the best summer area:

  • Modern interior. Registration of greenery and flowers.
  • Capacity, which depends only on the number of people in your company or the number of guests.
  • Location, transportation route, parking and entrance. Gagarin’s prospectus 185 – 7 km from the center, the airport is 3 km, “Metallist” stadium 5 km.
  • Menu. We present the most delicious and mouth-watering dishes of Slavic and European cuisine. Banquet and Stand-up options are discussed separately. Prices are moderate.
  • The possibility of participation of staff in the organizational aspects. Our institution is a full range of services to create the perfect event.

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