Photo Gallery

Photo – one of the most dynamically developing forms of art. The value of the veracity of the transmitted scene. How often do we look at all pleasant and joyful pictures, and we just get easier and cheerful? At present, there is even a kind of therapy – phototherapy. After all, I want to go back in time, in those moments when happiness flowed!

Photo gallery of hotel “Druzhba” – fireworks joyful and important event, which will show you how you can make a holiday or to prepare for the event. Wedding stories, festivals and contests, conferences and workshops fill the lives of our visitors. So why do not you create the same selection, why do not you become a star in our gallery?
For business the best advertising – expressive photograph. When people see meetings held at the highest level, in comfortable rooms, with the organization of rest and recreation, it is the most effective action for the prestige of the company or project. Whatever artistic epithets did not sound, they are not as powerful as a cohesive picture, interested people total perspective.




Why do people like to photograph?

Because it is our past and future goals. On the last course, each photo – it is already held a minute. When a person looks realistic pictures, he presents himself, in those moments, which are welcome, creates a projection of individual perceptions. At this time, there is an analysis of how to live, what would like to where to direct their aspirations.