For the convenience of visitors at the entrance to the “Druzhba” there is parking. But the prolonged absence of the owner must be more reliable cars. Perhaps the guests arrived in his own car, and want to move around the metropolis by public transport or taxi. Sometimes someone is leaving for some time on a business trip or a vacation, or simply does not have the need for daily use of the car. Transit vehicles serving to transport goods, especially since it is not desirable to leave in a place not designated city. For all these and other situations, we offer the services of the hotel car park guarded round the clock “Druzhba”.

About 100 vehicles fit on the parking field: from motorcycles and cars, and ending Long-mnogotonnikami. The space is fenced and guarded 24 hours a day. In a place located tire for different types of vehicles, including trucks and agricultural machinery. Parking offers a reasonable price, and complete safety of trusted machines.


Rates of the hotel car park "Druzhba"

Services listPrice per parking space vehicle LPG production, UAH. (Including tax)Price of foreign cars parking places, UAH. (Including tax)
A car30,0040,00
Vans, trucks up to 3.5 tonnes (type “Gazelle”)40,0050,00
Truck more than 3.5 t60,0080,00
Bus passenger (* – including Icarus)70,00100,00
Motorcycles and trailers for passenger cars25,0035.00
Trailer Truck60,0080,00
Camper (electricity, sewerage, water refilling) 300,00
“Rotel” type bus (electricity, sewerage, water refilling) 300.00
Construction and agricultural machinery60,0080,00


The advantage of the car park at the "Druzhba" hotel - good location

We are located on the avenue Gagarin 185. This is one of the major roads of the city to the south. Truckers comfortable and profitable stay in our hotel, providing yourself a normal accommodation at reasonable prices, and parking space for its giant. The main advantage – a good track at the territorial proximity of departure from the city. Metro is a 10 min. drive, the city center 15 minutes. (7 km).

3 km to the Kharkiv airport – an important advantage for those who are going away on vacation or business trip. For foreign citizens can be calculated in Euros or US dollars; as well as cards American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

For camper vans and buses can be improved filling with water, electricity and sewerage.

Standard condition parking – parking administration is not responsible for the contents of the safety of the vehicle.