For some, a restaurant – it’s a way of eating and socializing for some it’s rest and relaxation. Human nature is such that we need regular food. The time pressure mode, not everyone can afford aesthetics, serving a competent, sophisticated dishes and a personal waiter. Our restaurant invites you to a tasty meal, enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and excellent service!


Professional organization or lunch banquet in the "Druzhba" restaurant is made up of:

  • proper design a menu and beverage cards
  • Serving competent,
  • aesthetic decoration,
  • attentive but unobtrusive service.

Strict adherence to the rules is considered good manners. That is why in the history of the so described in detail the royal feast and meal. Whether business on the go eat a sandwich, or in a beautiful tranquil setting, with service, taste, specially prepared dish for you.

The assortment restaurants offers:

variety of meat, fish and vegetable salads; fried fish; pork baked with vegetables; specialty – meat “Druzhba”; zucchini with honey sauce and eggplant kruchenyky. Mushrooms of barrels herring and vodka, kruchenyky chicken with stuffing, clearing pickles and potato dish, kebabs and grilled vegetables. And it is possible only a small part of our menu.

A la carte – a classic scheme of restaurants, including the “Druzhba”. Indicates a range of dishes on the menu, and a short time waiting for cooking. Our restaurant menu to suit all tastes (foreigners and compatriots).
At the guest’s request we prepare individual dishes.

Chef principle of the restaurant “Druzhba” – Slavic, European and other food from fresh ingredients, expertly prepared in the spirit of traditional classical gastronomy.