Scenario menu and modern wedding

Wedding celebration in the “Druzhba” restaurant meets the highest scores of the event. When ordering a banquet, to pay for the service and problems solved without your participation. At first glance, it appears that the wedding in the restaurant, and even with the wedding service – insanely expensive, available only stars and successful entrepreneurs. We recommend to check personally and make sure that the wedding in “Druzhba” restaurant is quite reasonable.


Trends weddings

Now popular custom wedding ceremony. The theme, style, decor matched “Druzhba” manager-organizer for each pair individually. This option is like 300 people “drunk” after eating the capital salad and chicken legs, shake a leg under the Verka Serduchka, went down in history. Soon, this scenario will be ordered as “retro wedding of the 20th century.”

According to the leading companies specializing in the organization of events, the average number of guests at the wedding was reduced up to 50 people. Inviting a number of people, the couple can afford a special style and design. There is an opportunity to improve the quality of communication with the guests.

In the trend of eco wedding in the open air (Rustic). Veranda Motel “Druzhba”, the lake and the green area around it – ideal terrain for fashionable weddings.


Menu Wedding Party

Whatever the celebration theme, guests must be fed a delicious and festive food aesthetic. Competent serving and good service – the status and prestige of any wedding. Even in a creative environment. Menu wedding banquet or buffet are very different. Hot and first courses are always present at the banquet. Fourchette implies only the plug of the devices and related dishes.


Traditional wedding menu consists of:

  • meat and fish palette;
  • all kinds of snacks;
  • beautiful cast of vegetables and herbs, pickles;
  • different types of brawn and aspic (compared to the “cold” low-fat meal);
  • pancakes with red fish and caviar canape with fillings;
  • salads;
  • skewers of meat and fish;
  • grilled vegetables and other dishes.

Your opinion and the desire to play a primary role in the portfolio on the table. The staff will help to make the best menu for your holiday.